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So many people, yet so few real connections You feel it too, right?

About 33% of adults have experienced feelings of loneliness worldwide!

Lets Connect – A social discovery app to find human connections filtered through your interests.

Filter Your Connections

Use custom filters to discover & connect with people who share your interests & hobbies.

Engage in Secure Connections

With AI-Based Facial Recognition, engage with new people with an extra layer of security.

Get Psychology-Based Recommendations

Get recommendations based on your psychology analysis done through an AI-driven system that uses the Myers-Briggs assessment.

Indulge in Purpose-Driven Networking

Whatever your intent and purpose are, access the right kind of people suitable for it and control your own network.

Why Lets Connect?

Social Anxiety and loneliness are gripping more and more people every day.
One major reason can be attributed to the lack of human connections among people.

Lets Connect is a free, new-age social networking & community app that empowers you
to find valuable human connections in a world full of algorithms, hashtags & followers.

Browse through 6 Moods

Whatever your mood is, find a companion to share it with.

  • Find a Travel Partner
    Love to travel? Find travel partners who you can go on adventures with.
  • Create Business Connections
    Want to expand your network? Find valuable business connections.
  • Find a Reading buddy
    Love reading books? Find people who have similar reading interests as you do.
  • Coffee meetup
    Love to try new cafes? Find someone to go on coffee breaks with.
  • Get a Food hopping partner
    Meet people to go on food hopping together or explore new restaurants & cafes.
  • Organize & Participate in Events
    Plan & participate in events, check guestlists in advance & network.
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Grow your network

Lets Connect is an application that gives you the freedom to find and meet people who share your passions. It’s a great way to go beyond your everyday and experience something new. Whether you are looking for company or if you want to escape from the hustle of the daily routine, Lets Connect is for you!

Personal Connection

Lets Connect helps you connect with people across the globe. It is a community of like-minded people who have come together to make life more meaningful!

Growing Social Discovery Platform

Now connect globally with few taps and create new meaningful connections

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